"Party With A Purpose"

Buffet in Bangor

Thursday August 18th
Darling's Waterfront Pavilion

PHC Parking at The Shriners Parking Lot
They'll transport us to the venue
$30 per car

PHC of Maine have worked out the with the Shrines, so we can park and tailgate in their parking lot and all be together. The Shriner's are opening their lot for us to tailgate. They are supplying the porta potties and transportation to and from the show.

It will cost $30 a car and proceeds will go to the Shriner's Hospital.

They are reserving the lot on the right for the club members.

For those that have not been to a show in Bangor, it is not like GreatWoods where is one continuous lot...there are limited scattered lots...so this deal with the Shriner's is amazing. Thanks to PHC of Maine...Plus it goes to a good cause!!